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  • Dziennik Chicagoski -- January 07, 1896
    Financial Report of St. Josephat Parish

    We have received a copy of a printed financial report of the St. Josephat Bishop and Martyr Parish in Chicago (Lake View) for the year 1895, from January 1, 1895 to January 1, 1896.

    This annual report was distributed among the members of the parish on New Year's Day.

    The regular income of the parish last year amounted to $6,039.72 (included in this amount are pew rent, $4,006.05; Sunday and holiday collections, $970.58; etc.). Extraordinary income amounted to $12,742.14 (including deposits of $4,995; home and monthly collections, $4,874.40; school dues, $2,009.01, etc.). Total income was $18,781.86.

    Regular expenses amounted to $2,481.18 (included in this sum are $1,555.32 for the priests; $600 for the organist; $255.86 for minor church expenses; 2etc.). Extraordinary expenses were $11,986.60 (including repaid deposits of $8,305; $1,625 for the Sisters; coal and wood, $436.10; etc.). Total expenditures amounted to $14,467.68.

    The balance in the treasury amounts to $4,314.08.

    Including the deposits newly received and deducting those repaid from the total indebtedness, it appears that the St. Josephat Parish has a debt of only $2,335.92, which in reality can be considered as a private loan and not a bank loan.

    This financial report was signed by Reverend Francis Lange, pastor, who, at the conclusion of the report, writes the following very timely note:

    "Various inimical articles published in Dziennik Polski (Polish News) and Kropidlo (Sprinkler), attacking our parish, are nothing more than figments of the paganistic imagination of those fallen away from our faith.


    "Publishing lies against our pastor and this peaceful parish has only one object in view: to create disturbances and hatred of the people toward the priest and, finally, to increase the number of faithless, among whom the writers of these articles belong.

    "They are the real brothers of Antichrist, who presumably is to appear riding on a red-hot stove at the end of the world; they are already showing their hatred toward Jesus in their poisonous articles."

    To these words of the pastor of St. Josephat Parish nothing need be added. They describe excellently those uncalled-for guardians of Polish parishes.

    III C, IV