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  • Krasnow Scrapbooks -- February 18, 1916
    "Fruit of Knowledge" (Club Znaniye)

    Some months ago a new Russian Club was organized in Chicago, and was named KNOWLEDGE (ZNANIYE) its organizer being prelate and the psalm-chanter, Mr. R--ov.

    The fundamental reason or organizing this club was, apparently, the advantage for his holy little business-place, to which the little patriots flocked, and from whom the most honorable Fathers gathered wool.

    The choir for this church was picked from among the club members, who sang very beautifully hymns and songs for a remuneration of kisses, one a-piece, impressed on the forehead by the very Bishop himself.

    One day the little father betook himself with his mission to the nearby suburb Melrose Park, and took his club choir along, to whom it occurred to whip up 2National patriotic feelings by singing "God save the Tsar."

    The listeners began to whistle and to hiss and the singers barely escaped a beating. The choir felt insulted and cleared out. There occurred a second incident, which was even more interesting. These progressive compatriots bethought themselves to give a concert in behalf of refugees, which affair began and ended in true Russian fashion, i. e., in a wholesale drunk--everybody prostrated, "soused," "stewed."

    The collection was large but no account was submitted, although more than a month has passed since the affair.

    One only wonders that our good countrymen, protected by the Russian clergy, singing hymns to the Tsar, should call itself a progressive club!



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