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  • Russkii Viestnik -- July 08, 1925
    Who Must Rule the Bishopric (Editorial)

    The Russian Orthodox bishopric in America is again on the verge of going to pieces.

    Wedges, one bigger than the other, are being driven into it diligently and incessantly.

    Bishops and archbishops unknown heretofore are appearing, intriguing, quarreling, starting lawsuits, and even bringing to the temples of God (and for a bishop a temple of God should be a sanctuary) detectives with tear-gas bombs in order to "smoke out" of the temples of God certain persons and put some others "in power."

    Several months ago there came to New York from the U. S. S. R. a bishop of the "living" church, by the name of Kedrovsky, with his wife, and he started to drive wedges into the bishopric.


    And now there has come, in order to take his place, a bishop - Adam Philippovsky - from Galicia; one unknown to us, who with the help of detectives ousted from the cathedral the Metropolitan Platon and took possession of the bishopric.

    A Russian bishopric, and an Austrian subject, Adam Philippovsky, at its head!

    Good people, try to fathom that!

    It is not our business, of course, to solve canonical problems. It may be possible that one who only yesterday was a priest, and now has become 'Bishop Adam' must be considered according to the new canonical rules to be hierarchically superior to the Metropolitan.

    But this is not the essential point.

    The bishopric is Russian; it has been created, made strong and enriched 3by the hands and the desires of Russian people. It follows that it must be ruled by Russians, and not by those who only yesterday were Austrian subjects. Adam Philippovsky is a Galician from Austria.

    We know that the majority of Russians residing in America are not believers, they do not go to church. But we also know that they are first and foremost Russians.

    Adam Philippovsky has offended our Russian sense of national pride; he has handled roughly that which is dear to us. Russian property must belong to Russians and be managed by them.

    Is it possible that no worthy persons could be found among us and that we are forced to give away the Russian bishopric to former Austrian subjects!

    We have been told that the court decided that Adam Philippovsky has to administer the Russian bishopric.


    We have to submit to the courts and the laws of the land in which we have found a refuge.

    But while we are doing that, we are not obliged to keep silent.

    It is necessary that all Russians, believers and unbelievers alike, should unite and request that the matter concerning the Russian Orthodox bishopric would be reconsidered, as this bishopric should be managed by Russians worthy of undertaking this task.

    Among us there are representatives of the most varied currents and groups.

    Some are of one opinion, some hold a different view. But just try to say something disparaging about Russia or prejudicial to the dignity of the Russian people and you will see that we shall all unite and defend that which is near to our hearts and dear to us.

    We can be sure that the whole Russian colony in America will say the same thing: Russian affairs must be managed by Russians.


    If Adam Philippovsky will remain "in power," we can say with assurance that this what is going to happen: The majority of Russian parishes will not recognize him; they will leave the bishopric and will form independent parishes similar to that existing on Wood street in Chicago.

    III C, III H