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  • Russko-Amerikanskii Pravoslavnii Kalendar na -- [Unknown date]

    The Chicago cathedral, together with the rectory, has been built at a cost of $75,000. The debt on this entire property amounts to $3,000.

    Parishioners. There are about three hundred families belonging to this parish: 450 men, 375 women, 70 boys (ages varying up to 15 years), 90 girls (of the same ages), 65 youths (over 15 years of age), 85 girls (of the same age).

    Rectors: The rectors in this parish were Archpriest H. Tort, Priest A. Vretta, Archpriest Y. Kochurov, Priest A. Yanovsky, Archpriest I. Slunin, Archpriest V. Alexandrov, Archpriest A. Kululevsky, Archpriest N. Mitropplsky, Archpriest A. Panteleyev, Archmandrite T. Mulyar, Archpriest A. Vyacheslavov, Archpriest S. Snyegirev.

    Psalm Readers: V. Protopopov, V. Stepanov, V. Turkevich, P. Kazansky, 2S. A. Kalner, J. Kedrovsky, P. P. Zaichenko, P. Nirka, A. Vaniusch, A. Dyachenko, V. Rykhlov, I. Pshenichnuk, V. Grivsky.

    In 1903 (March 16) the new cathedral was consecrated by His Grace Tikhon.

    Under the protection of the Chicago parish grew up new parishes in Streeter, in Joliet, in Chicago (The Mikhailovsky and the Carpatorussky parishes), in Gary, in Kenosha, and in other towns.

    The Chicago temple is known at the present time as the cathedral of the Very Reverend Leonty, who is the Chicago bishop and who, during fourteen years of service in America, was at the head of the Training School for Priest Candidates; as rector at one time of the American Ecclesiastical Seminary in Minneapolis, and later in Tennefly, N. J.


    During the eighteen years that followed he was the right hand of our priests. (Held the title of archpriest in the New York cathedral; also was a member of the Bishops' Council, and at the same time editor of the Yeparkhialni Pravoslavni Vyestnik (Diocesan Russian Orthodox Recorder).

    III C