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  • Progress, Literaturno-Politicheskoye Obozrenie -- June 28, 1893
    The Russo-American Treaty.

    The magazine denounces the treaty entered into by the United States and Russia which provided for the extradition of criminals. It was feared that it would be used against Russian revolutionaries. "This convention, at the present time and in such a form, is nothing more than an official declaration of the sympathy of the American Government for the Russian Tsar. But back of the American Government there is still the American People."

    "Everywhere Russian immigrants have had the opportunity to arouse public discussion of the treaty the masses have shown themselves to be against it. We cannot call a halt. The treaty must and shall be annulled. Republicans and democrats alike are responsible; the negotiations began under Cleveland, the treaty was ratified by a republican senate with the aid of democratic votes (without which the two-thirds majority could not have been reached). The exchange of ratifications was carried out by Cleveland and Gresham, who insolently laughed at the protests of public opinion. The Russian citizens of America are bound to settle accounts with the venal tsarist satellites at the approaching elections. Russian Jews who vote for 2the republicans will vote for the Russian Tsar, for a system of political, religious and national intolerance, for the persecution of five millions of the Jewish masses. Such a Jewish republican or Jewish democrat every honest man will brand with the shameful name of Judas."

    III B 1, I C, I E