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  • [Miscellaneous] -- [Unknown date]
    Miscellaneous Material Owned by Dr. H. R. Krasnow: The Society Znaniye, its Platform, Aim, and Problems

    The society Znaniye is comparatively a young organization. It was organized not so long ago, - August 1, 1928, but thanks to the fact that it chose the right course and connected itself with one of the most powerful Russian organizations of America and Canada, the Consolidated Russian Mutual Aid Society (ROOVA), it has put itself on firm ground and has conducted its work on the economic, cultural and enlightening fronts. The fact that played a significant role in the success of the society is that the latter has entirely excluded from the sphere of its activities all political and religious questions as regards educational work. The society Znaniye has succeeded in arranging four popular lectures and it also arranged one party. All these affairs went over with good moral success. The concert and ball of March 3rd is the sixth affair of the society.


    Thanks to the very fine sympathy from the artists, from public men, and from the masses of the Russian colony, the success of our future enterprises is secured in advance. The next entertainment of the society Znaniye will take place on March 17th. On this day the play "The Trial of the Boarder" will be given, an unprecedented illustration of the life of the colony. Lawyers and other men of learning will take part in the affair.

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