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  • News of the Russian People's University -- [Unknown date]
    Personnel of the Board, Council and Teaching Body of the Russian People's University

    Honorary members:

    Prof. B. A. Bakhmetyev.

    General V. A. Yakhontov.

    Members of the board:

    President of the University, Prof. S. I. Novakovsky

    Vice-President, Archmandrite Mardariy Uskokovich

    Treasurer, A. M. Volkov

    Secretary, A. E. Lutnitsky

    Dean of the Technical Division, I. M. Bregovsky, engineer.

    Dean of the Division of General Education, Prof. M. A. Scherbinin.


    Presidents of the sections:

    Section of Publications, Dr. M. Sahud

    Section of Excursions, Dr. N. Spiegelglas

    Section of Rational Entertainments, I. Erin

    Members of the council:

    S. L. Novakovsky, President

    A. E. Lutnitsky, Secretary

    Mrs. F. I. Bregovsky

    Z. Manuk

    S. Sheinman

    I. M. Bregovsky

    Mrs. S. A. Novakovsky

    N. Spiegelglas

    I. Bergenblit

    A. I. Perelmuter

    M. A. Scherbinin

    A. M. Volkov

    K. M. Overuchev

    M. Uskokovich

    Mrs. E. P. Volkov

    I. Rumyantsev

    Khaimovich, engineer


    M. I. Volkov

    M. Sahud

    M. Khinoy

    I. F. Erin

    M. Salk

    V. N. Fedorov

    B. Krichevsky

    J. M. Stadnichenko

    E. N. Braslavsky

    Teaching personnel:

    Russian Language: Prof. S. I. Novakovsky, Dr. S. A. Novakovsky, and A. I. Perelmuter; English Language: J. Kaybran, S. Weiner, and A. Coler; Arithmetic: Salk, engineer; Bergenblit, engineer; and V. N. Fedorov; Russian History: Prof. M. A. Scherbinin; Calligraphy: V. N. Fedorov; Technical Mechanical Drawing: Khaimovich, engineer; Physics: Bergenblit, engineer; Fundamentals of Metallurgy: Bregovsky, engineer: Geography: Professor Novakovsky; Physiology, Anatomy of Man: Dr. M. Sahud; Chemistry: Professor Krichevsky; Agriculture: M. I. Volkov, agriculturist; Hygiene of the Teeth and the Cavity of the Mouth: Dr. Spiegelglas; History of the Slavic States: Archimandrite Mardariy Uskokovich.

    II B 2 f