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  • Soko (Sokol) -- May 01, 1912
    Serbian Sokol and its Ideal

    Mankind is progressing steadily in science, religion, politics, and in people's education. Ways and means, forms and ideals are different, but the fundamental structure of progress is always the same.

    New forms of education have been laid in the organization of the "Sokol," whose slogan is: "A healthy soul in a healthy body."

    This slogan is as old as mankind.

    Today, not only the "Sokol," a special organization to promote this idea, but even schools are getting interested in accepting this form of education as a standard point in their daily program.

    What the Serbian "Sokol" in America wants: (1) The Serbian "Sokol" in America, as any other similar organization, is pursuing "sokol" ideas 2to promote strength in bodies by especially designed exercises. This improved strength is by all means very important to our new generation in America, where people work under very unhealthyful conditions. The American people a long time ago recognized the priceless value of physical education through promotion of their national sports, such as base-ball, foot-ball, fighting, wrestling, etc.

    (2) The Serbian "Sokol" aims to promote democracy. They accept old and young, poor and rich, teachers and merchants, doctors and laborers. Social and economic differences are erased.

    (3) The Serbian "Sokol" wants to develop healthy men and women.

    The Bohemian "Sokol" organization through experience has been convinced that physical education is equally important for males and for females, so in the "Sokol" no differences exist between man, woman, girl or boy.

    (4)The Serbian "Sokol" wants to improve their members' intellect. This 3purpose is accomplished by organizing lectures, courses, meetings, discussions, etc.

    (5) The Serbian "Sokol" offers a disciplined education. They want to build strong characters; punctuality, patience, seriousness, etc., are promoted to the last degree.

    (6) The Serbian "Sokol" also desires to prepare their members for the eventual possibility of becoming defenders of their old and new country.

    As we can see, the ideals of the "sokol" are high and must be considered as such from any standpoint.

    The means by which these ideals are promoted are very simple and inexpensive. It is true that the "sokol" is saving much money for its members by occupying their body and mind, which keeps them away from taverns and gambling. The result of "Sokol" work cannot be easily estimated. It is very high in ideals and has many tremendous possibilities for expansion.

    Dr. Paja Radosavljevich.

    II B 3, II B 2 g