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  • Radnicka Straza -- January 27, 1911
    First Issue of Narodni Glas

    After the careful work of many months the Serbian Workers of Chicago have succeeded in issuing their Serbian Socialist newspaper, Narodni Glas, for the first time. This paper will inform Serbian workers about class struggle and Socialism.

    The Narodni Glas (People's Voice) was founded by workers and is written by workers; therefore the paper is recommended.

    We call upon the comrades who support our journal with all their might to support also this, the latest pioneer of the Jugoslav Socialist movement, and to try to spread Narodni Glas among Serbian workers.

    Subscription, one year, one dollar.

    Address: Narodni Glas

    2350 Clybourn Avenue

    Chicago, Illinois

    II B 2 d 1, I E