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  • Svenska Tribunen -- November 30, 1881
    Rev. Jacob Bredberg Dead.

    The Rev. Jacob Bredberg, one of America's oldest Swedish clergymen died peacefully in Chicago, Thursday, November 24th. He had been pastor of St. Ausgarius Swedish Episcopal Church here for many years. The church is also called "Jenny Linds' Church." The first pastor was Gustav Unonius, who founded this the oldest church in Chicago, and Bredberg succeeded him.

    Jacob Bredberg was born in Alingsas, Sweden, May 1, 1808. He was ordained priest in 1832, after completing his studies. He served as pastor for twenty years in his native land. He emigrated to Chicago in 1853 where he was affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church. Pastor Bredberg was clergyman of this church from 1853 to 1863 when he was received into the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America. He was appointed rector of St. Ausgarius Swedish Episcopal Church in Sedgwick St., remaining there till 1877, when he resigned.

    Pastor Bredberg was very highly educated and translated the ritual of the Protestant Episcopal Church from English into Swedish. He also made translations


    from the English, French and Bohmish language.

    The hymnals now in use by the Swedish Methodist Church are the work of Bredberg. He married in 1840,Charlotta Caroline Bergstrom. He is survived by his widow, two sons and one daughter.

    He has been confined to his bed since 1877, when he had a stroke of paralysis. Death was, therefore, a God send.

    The funeral was held last Saturday. The ritual of the Episcopal Church was used. The Rt. Rev. Doctor W.E.McLaren, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago officiated assisted by several clergymen of the church.

    Pastor Bredberg's successor, the Rev. J. Hedman read one of his original poems. Burial was at Graceland cemetery.

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