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  • Svenska Tribunen-Nyheter -- September 10, 1930
    F.M. Johnson Is Dead Well-Known Mission Pastor

    One of the best-known pastors in the Swedish Mission League of America, Reverend Fredrik Malcolm Johnson, passed away last Sunday in the League's hospital at Bowmanville. His death came after a long illness. Reverend Johnson was a former pastor of the North Side Mission Congregation, of Chicago.

    Johnson was born in Nyebro, near Eksjo, Sweden, July 27, 1857. His mother's family name was Stark and two of his brothers, who later became well-known pastors in the Augustana Synod, took that name.

    He finished grade school in his home district, and that was all of the formal schooling that he received in Sweden. He arrived in America at the age of 18, with a strong desire for higher education. After having worked for a couple 2of years in Pennsylvania, he entered the Ansgarius College in Paxton, Illinois, where he studied until 1879. After five additional years of work and study, he was ordained as a pastor within the Mission League. [Translator's note: It is not stated where he received his theological training during those five years.]

    His first post was that of pastor of the Tabernacle Congregation here in Chicago, where he remained until July, 1887. Then he moved to Rockford, Illinois, and became pastor of the Mission Congregation of that city. He served in that capacity for ten years. At the end of that period he returned to Chicago, and became pastor of the Betania Congregation, on the South Side. He remained there until 1902, when he was called to the North Side Mission Church. Failing health forced him to retire from his strenuous duties as pastor, and it was with deep regret that his congregation accepted his resignation. But he continued to take an active part in the affairs of the Mission League.

    Johnson visited Sweden twice, in 1896 and in 1912. He devoted considerable time 3time to writing on religious subjects. He published two books and wrote numerous articles for religious periodicals.

    Reverend Johnson was a widower, and is survived by three children and a brother, Reverend K. G. Stark, of Minneapolis, Minnesota.