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  • Svenska Kuriren -- August 29, 1918
    Concert for the Benefit of Swedish Old People's Home in Evanston (Editorial)

    The Opera Star Alice Sjoselius, a name we have often seen mentioned in both Swedish and American papers, has been engaged to appear at a grand fall concert to be given for the benefit of the Swedish Old People's Home in Evanston. It will take place at Orchestra Hall Sunday October 6, at 3 p. m. This will be Miss Sjoselius' first appearance in Chicago, but certainly not her last. Her art is first class and her voice excellent.

    As most music lovers will remember, Miss Sjoselius, at the outbreak of the war, was engaged as prima donna at Germany's largest opera, 2where she scored many triumphs. But the war put a sudden stop to her progress in Europe. She is an American, and as such was not looked upon with favor. Miss Sjoselius was born in Duluth, Minn., of Swedish parents. For this reason she was compelled to return to America, which turned out to be a rather adventurous trip, the story of which was related in different papers.

    After her return here, Miss Sjoselius appeared only once and that at a concert in New York City, where she made a grand success. The program to be given here will be of utmost interest to our countrymen. One of the country's most talked of men of Swedish birth has been invited to give a short lecture - a man we here in this city have never heard.


    The price of the tickets are the same as the last years concert except for boxes, which have been reduced to $15.

    The concert as well as the rest of the arrangements were decided upon at a meeting Monday evening at Svithiod Hall. The concert committee is composed of twenty members of the Old People's Home Society. The following special committees were formed. The concert committee is composed of: Nels M. Hokanson as Chairman: Aaron Miller as Vice Chairman; Gordon Berg as secretary; Dr. O. C. Nylund as treasurer and Albert Swanson as ticket-manager. The arrangements committee is made up of: Edgar Nelson and Nels Hokanson; the publicity committee of Erik G. Westman and Gordon Berg. The committee in charge of box sales consists of three very energetic gentlemen: Edward A. Westman, Charles Bostrom and Frank Chaiser. The program committee has John P. Friedlund as chairman.

    The above should vouch for a most successful affair in every respect.

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