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  • Svenska Nyheter -- May 02, 1905
    Real-Estate Deals

    Forty-six real-estate transfers took place in Chicago, last week, in which the buyer, the seller, or both were Scandinavians:

    W. Marwin to Charles A. Johnson, Sawyer Avenue south of Belden Avenue; price $1,125. M. L. Nelson to Albert H. Hooker, Longwood Avenue south of 97th Street; price $7,650. A. W. Erickson to Olof J. Olson, Prairie Avenue north of Iowa Street; price $3,650. S. M. Gunderson to John D. Gallivan, S. 41st Court south of Harrison Street; price $3,700. George E. Erickson to Carroll E. Johnson, Dearborn Street south of 53rd Street; price $18,000. C. Kuecken to John A. Anderson, Foster Avenue west of Southport Avenue; price $1,850. L. C. Vanuken's estate to Charles Bostrom, Lakewood Avenue north of Claremont Avenue; price $1,240. K. Hansen to August Benson, Ridge Avenue northwest of Victoria Street; price $1,200. O. W. Anderson to Bertha M. Burnell, Center Avenue corner of Noble Avenue; price $4,500. H. M. Heyberg to John Jeffrey, Dickens Avenue corner of Hancock Avenue; price $3,500. John Jeffrey to H. M. Heyberg, Richmond Street corner of Dickens Avenue; price $10,300. O. Nelson to 2Patrick O'Leary, Evans Avenue south of 68th Street; price $1,000. Charles S. Sawyer to Henry E. Hedberg, Madison Avenue south of 52nd Street; price $38,500. P. F. Cederholm to Clara M. Anderson, Armitage Avenue corner of Whipple Street; price $5,000. B. Johnson to Hans H. Larsen, Sacramento Avenue south of Gordon Avenue; price $1,000. O. Johnson to James E. Poole, 71st Place west of Washington Avenue; price $2,600. K. Johnson to John Quarnstrom, Elizabeth Street south of 68th Street; price $2,000. L. B. Worrill to John A. Oberg, 62nd Street west of Wallace Street; price $2,500. E. J. Paul to Katie Nelson, South 44th Avenue corner of 14th Street; price $1,500. C. O. Lund to Carrie Haldorson, Maplewood Avenue north of Hirsch Street; price $2,200. A. Olson to Edward A. Hildebrand, Iowa Street west of Franklin Avenue; price $3,500. O. Friberg to Gust E. Newgard, Ward Street north of Waveland Avenue; price $5,200. W. B. Walker to John Olson, Avers Avenue south of Belle Plaine Avenue; price $3,400. H. P. Anderson to Jens N. Jenson, Sacramento Avenue north of Grace Street; price $2,500. L. Bratt to John E. Danielson, Bond Avenue north of 81st Street; price $3,400. L. B. R. Toole to Lars Olson, Prairie Avenue south of 54th Street; price $6,000. O. C. Rose to Herman A. Lindstrom, Eggleston Avenue north of 70th Street; price $1,300. M. Ballin to Oscar Anderson, Justine Avenue north 3of 59th Street; price $1,600. G. W. Erickson to August Erickson, May Street north of 71st Street; price $5,500. H. Sandstrom to Annie McEssy, Elburn Avenue west of Loomis Street; price $1,250. J. E. Zaderholm to Hettie Lynch, Wentworth Avenue south of Garfield Boulevard; price $2,675. P. Poelstra to Emil Linde, 103rd Place corner of State Street; price $1,000. P. A. Lindblad to Sherman T. Cooper, Ogden Avenue east of Sawyer Avenue; price $2,000. P. A. Lindblad to Sherman T. Cooper, Troy Street south of 12th Street; price $6,500. Flora Borg to Mamie E. Borg, Berkeley Avenue corner of 44th Street; price $7,000. John M. Johnson to Catherine Holland, Evanston Avenue north of Waveland Avenue; price $7,500. William F. Behrens to Peter A. Lindblad, Kenmore Avenue south of Montrose Boulevard; price $1.00. M. B. Berger to Ingjald Dahl, Talman Avenue south of Courtland Avenue; price $2,465. W. M. Brinkman to Inga Henderson, 32nd Street west of Calumet Avenue; price $5,800. L. Rosenthal to Axel E. Olson, Green Street north of 66th Street; price $1,320. John M. Carlson to John D. Cleveland, Ashland Avenue corner of Lunt Avenue; price $1.00. First Swedish Building and Loan Society to Gustaf Wilson, Bishop Street north of 63rd Street; price $3,500. L. A. Holmes to Willie R. Benson, Central and Humboldt 4Park Boulevards; price $4,000. J. T. Carlson to Isaac Clyman, Marion Place north of Division Street; price $6,000. E. C. Schench to Peter E. Lundblad, North Avenue west of Francisco Avenue; price $1,500. M. R. Ramstedt to Johann Karowski, Clifton Avenue south of Garfield Avenue; price $6,850.

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