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  • Svenska Tribunen-Nyheter -- August 21, 1906
    [Dahlstrom and Mattson Bound Over to Grand Jury]

    The colporteurs Albert Dahlstrom and Carl Mattson, whose case we reported in a previous issue, and who for the past several weeks have held their meetings in a tent on Fletcher Street near Clark, were called before Judge Mahoney on Friday, August 17. After a short hearing, the two were bound over to the Grand Jury on an eight-hundred dollar bond for each. The chief witness against the two culprits was Pastor Hult of the Lakeview Lutheran Messiah Church, whose main charge was that a vile book capable of doing much damage, was being sold at the tent meetings. Dahlstrom is the author of the book in question which is written in Swedish and entitled "Aktenskab, Quinnan och Hemmet" (Marriage, Woman and the Home).

    After hearing the translation of a part of this book, Judge Mahoney said, "If there is a living devil, this book is surely his work. I know of no other book that is as capable of destroying a home, a man, a woman, or a child as quickly and thoroughly as this one. The face of a woman who reads this book 2should become crimson at the beginning, and remain so for hours after. A book like this is not found on sale in a bookstore or at a newsstand, but it is put on sale in an open tent where there are women and children, and where the cloak of religion covers its devil-inspired, hypocritical contents as well as its author; it sells and works evil. It will ruin morally every reader--man, woman or child--and destroy the idea of motherhood in the home. This book must be suppressed."

    The one attorney defending Dahlstrom and Mattson attempted to rebuke the judge for his attitude to the evangelists and the book, but got nowhere in his attempt.

    That night Dahlstrom publicly declared that the Prophet Elijah had commanded him to preach the coming soon of Christ, and that churches should be destroyed, and the ministers killed (he called today's ministers Baal-priests who opposed Elijah). Well, Dowie also took out a patent on the Elijah (Elias) inspiration, and he went bankrupt in the role.

    II E 2, I B 3 a, I B 3 b, I B 4