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  • Svenska Nyheter -- May 12, 1903
    Charity Social by Swedish National Association

    The charity social which was held last Sunday at North Side Turner Hall under the auspices of the Swedish National Association was attended by a large crowd. The income from the social is to go to the fund for the legal defense of John Nordgren. The program was opened by Mr. Sigurd Meck's Orchestra, which also played for the dance at the closing of the social.

    The first speaker of the evening was Mr. Axel Ahlstedt, who spoke for fifteen minutes on the topic, "Justice and Truth." The speech was thoughtful and clear. Mr. Nordgren's attorney, Mr. W. S. Elliott, junior, gave an extended speech, describing in detail the occurrences in Mr. Nordgren's 2family life. He spoke with a warmth that even the dance-loving group of young people became interested..... Mr. Elliott had been introduced-by Mr. C. J. Erickson in a speech given in English.

    The Chicago Sextette gave four numbers.....Mrs. Ellen Graf executed a modern polka, in her well-known smiling and pleasant manner; our charming baritone, Mr. Brusell, presented "Ljungsby Horn." Mr. Carl Liljegren ably presented Wilhelm von Braun's "My Double," and our ever appreciated singing director, Ernest Lindblom, afterwards sang Figaro's aria from the "Barber of Seville."

    The second part of the program consisted of the one-act play "He is not 3Jealous." The doctor in the play, "August Walter," was impersonated by the director of the Swedish Theatrical Society, Mr. Christ Brusell.... "Amanda" (his wife) was played by Mrs. Ellen Graf. Mr. Carl Liljegren played the role of "Proprietor Borgstrom," and Mr. Fred Bolling played as the trusted servant, "Herman."

    Even if we were to try, we would not be able to point to any one of the players as one who excelled all other actors in the play. All of the actors, so to speak, lived their roles, and the actor or actress who understands his or her role, and presents it as faithfully as circumstances permit, will always win the applause of the public. And thus was the 4occasion Sunday evening.

    Those who appeared on the program gave their services free of charge, so that one may expect the amount gained through this charity-social to be large.

    II D 7, II B 1 a, II B 1 c 1, II B 1 c 2