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  • Svenska Tribunen -- February 13, 1906
    [A Genuine Swedish Festival]

    The Swedish National Festival, held on Saturday, February 10 at the Auditorium, was a success in every respect. Our countrymen of Chicago were thoroughly interested in the program. The three thousand who attended the festival were enraptured from beginning to end.

    The Swedish folk dancers opened their program with a "Hambo", which they executed with grace and perfect tempo, and put the audience in an enthusiastically appreciative mood for the entire evening. All well-known and popular folk dances were presented.

    The folk dancers group, whose American tour included the Auditorium exhibition, is made up of six couples from as many sections of Sweden; each couple wearing the official costume of their respective sections.


    While every dance was awarded wholehearted applause, the applause given "Vingakers Dansen" was so outstanding that the folk dancers were forced to present it a second time.

    As an additional attraction, the Swedish Ladies Quartette and the Harmony Male Chorus offered several well-chosen songs, both groups drawing such a volume of applause that they sang several encore numbers.

    For the benefit of our countrymen who found it impossible to attend the festival, we are pleased to announce that the touring Swedish Folk dancers will give a farewell performance at the south side Turner Hall on February 25. The Turner Hall being a much smaller hall than the Auditorium, we are sure of a sellout. We would advise all who desire to obtain tickets to do so before it is too late.

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