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  • Svenska Tribunen -- February 27, 1906
    [Swedish National Dance Exhibition Delights Swedish Chicagoans]

    Skansen's National Dancers recently gave their farewell exhibition at the south side Turner Hall. As expected, the hall was far too small for this entertainment.

    The folk dances were presented in the same order as danced at the National Festival on February 10, at the Auditorium. They are: Hambo, Fjallnaspolska, Frykdalspolska, Daldans, Snurrebock, Schottis, Gottlandskadrilj, Ostgotapolska, Vingakersdans, Trekarlspolska, Oxdans, Halling, Vafva Vallman, Klappdans, and Skralat.

    Conservatively speaking, every number was awarded wild applause, and to all appearances, this presentation was an even greater success that their first one. The hit of this exhibition was the Oxdans (Ox Dance), which was applauded until an encore was given.


    We wish this troupe of folk dancers continued success, and assure them of our heartfelt appreciation of their offering, one that awakened the fondest memories in the older people, and one which really set the younger ones to consider that Swedish traditions and culture are worth-while.

    II B 1 c 2