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  • Svenska Tribunen -- October 24, 1894
    An Artist's Work

    A young Swedish sculptor, Augustinus Wallenberg, has completed an unusual sculptor group at his studio, 912 W. Madison St.

    The group consists of Christ on His cross, surrounded by four of his followers. The group is so realistically made and the figures seem so alive that one may ask himself, "Is it possible that this is only stone?"

    The Swedish Tribune was invited to see the group and one of the reporters writes: "When we entered the door to his atelier, we hesitated to step forward. There were two women, kneeling on the floor and we did not wish to disturb the artist in his work. But Mr. Wallenberg asked us to step in. We discovered that the two kneeling women belonged to the sculptored group and were so well made that we thought that they were alive.

    The figure in the middle of the group is Christ, nailed to a rough cross of wood.


    There stands and old man, clad in a long brown cape on one side of the cross and on the other side the disciple, John.

    In the middle, before the cross, is the Virgin Mary, kneeling, with her sister. The figure of Christ is very realistic. The body itself shows every muscle, as they ought to appear in a normal man. The face shows less suffering but looks more like the face of a philosopher thinker.

    The young artist was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and only has been here a couple of years. Wallenberg studied at The Academy of Beaux Arts in Stockholm and was awarded a silver medal for a sculptorwork. The group will soon be shown to the public.

    II A 3 c, IV