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  • Svenska Tribunen -- February 06, 1901
    Art Exhibit

    p.11. The regular winter exhibit of paintings and sculpture by Chicagoans and others, was opened at the Art Institute last Thursday. It continues until February 24. No less than 575 works have been sent to the exhibition. Among the exhibitors we find three countrymen, Alfred Jansson; F. A. Lundahl and Henniz Ryden. The first one shows three beautiful landscapes, Winter, Farm Scene, and a Snowy Day. Mr. Lundahl displays a smaller painting which is very beautiful entitled, Sketch on Maumee River, and Mr. Ryden three especially fine oil paintings, the Edge of the Forest, Close of the Day and Autumn Melody.

    Other Scandinavians participating in the Exhibit are Emil Biorn; John C. Johansen; Lars Haukaness; Svend Svendsen, and John S. Wittrup. The Art Students League at this time,are also having their own exhibit at the Institute. Works by Paul L. Anderson; Clara Pauline Barok; Ada Enader; Edward M. Hamer, and 2Bror Julius Olson has been awarded the first prizes in both oil paintings and water colors, for his paintings "Grays," and "The Jars."

    II A 3 c, IV