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  • Svenska Tribunen -- April 17, 1901
    Henning Ryden,Artist

    p.11..... Well earned recognition was given a few days ago to our countryman, the artist, Henning Ryden, in the Chicago Daily Journal by its critic of arts, James William Pattison. Of Mr. Ryden, who for the present is maintaining himself in Wisconsin doing landscape painting, the well-known critic says: " He (Ryden) is a sculptor by profession, and his specialty is medallions in bronze as well as silver, also souvenir medals. He has executed a beautiful prize medal for the Art Academy on Wabash Avenue. An artist is always an artist, and it makes little difference to him whether the material used is clay, bronze or oil-colors, or something else. At the Architect-Club Exhibition, he has a massive gold ring, cut from a solid gold bar. It is decorated with a nymph,whichholds,with upstretched hands,an artistically executed bouquet of flowers. The whole creation is original and is not a poor imitation of an old world pattern.

    Ryden has much ambition and his artistic ability is equal to his ambition.

    II A 3 c, IV