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  • Svenska Tribunen-Nyheter -- September 25, 1929
    Ebba Sundstrom Becomes Orchestra Leader

    The noted violinist and music teacher, Mrs. Ebba Sundstrom-Nylander, has just been made director of the Women's Symphony Orchestra of Chicago, a unique organization, which probably has no counterpart in this or any other country.

    She has previously served as assistant director of the orchestra, and now succeeds Ethel Leginska, who has retired. Seventy women musicians make up the orchestra, and their first concert of the season will be given next October 12, in the Eighth Street Theatre, 741 South Wabash Avenue.

    To the public the new director is best known as Ebba Sundstrom; for many years she has been much in demand as a violinist at concerts and festivals arranged by Swedish organizations. She is also on the teaching staff of the Bush Conservatory of Music.

    II A 3 b, IV