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  • Svenska Tribunen -- May 29, 1878
    Rose Hill, a Swedish Creation.

    Rose Hill, one of Chicago's most beautiful suburbs is located a few miles north of Lincoln Park and not far from Lake Michigan. It is interesting for Swedish people to know that one of our countrymen, P.S.Peterson, has planted and is now the owner of a prominent nursery, well known, not only in Chicago, but also all over the United States for its trees which are planted along the streets and boulevards and in public, as well as in private gardens.

    Hundreds of thousands of trees from this prominent nursery have been shipped to various cities and their public parks. The gigantic elms along the beautiful boulevards on the south side of Chicago are from Rose Hill. The price for these trees varies from $25.00 up to $100.00 each.

    The owner of the Rose Hill Nursery, Mr. Peterson, a man of middle age, is 2typical of the strong sons from Sweden. He was born of poor parents at Oveds Kloster, Sweden, where he began to learn the work of gardening.

    After some study in Germany he settled in the United States and was for many years foreman at a prominent tree school in New York state. With the money he saved he came to Chicago twelve years ago and started his large business at Rose Hill, where he purchased some land at $200.00 per acre. From time to time he has expanded his business and property, until he now has planted and growing over three million young trees: elm, alder, ash, maple, and pine. Mr. Peterson has imported many trees from Europe and Scotland, 800,000 at one time. There are many trees we have in Sweden growing at Rose Hill. Many American trees have been shipped from there to Sweden and to other European countries.

    In good times the value of trees and plants shipped from Rose Hill was about fifty to sixty thousand dollars a year. The maintenance of the 3nursey is costly. Sometimes as many as forty people are employed and many of them must be very skilled....

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