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  • Svenska Tribunen -- October 19, 1892
    Swedish Republican Mass Meeting.

    The mass meeting held last Thursday evening in Armory Hall, Battery D, was the largest and most successful meeting ever held by Swedish people in Chicago. More than 3000 people were present at this meeting, which was opened by Edward Westman, chairman of the Cook County Swedish-American Central Committee. In his opening address he pointed out that there are more than 12,000 legal voters among the Swedes in Chicago alone, and perhaps as many in the surrounding communities. He further stated that 14 new Swedish Republican Clubs had been organized in Chicago during the last few months in view of the pending general elections. The main speaker of the evening was Rev. Dr. C.A. Swensson from Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas. At first he spoke English, and later Swedish. He proved to be an orator of the first order and held his audience spell-bound from the beginning to the end. Clearly and in an interesting manner Rev. Swensson explained in details the principles of the Republican party in contrast to those of the Democratic party in the presidential campaign now being waged. But not only in national politics should the Swedes be Republicans, but also in state and local politics, where they have much to gain if they act in unison. Under a local Democratic regime the Swedes had been ignored and neglected! He concluded by reminding those present of the registrations to be held next Tuesday. Only those who register can vote.

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