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  • Svenska Tribunen -- February 13, 1901
    John Ericsson Day

    p.6.............The Swedish-American Republican League of Illinois has completed plans for their yearly meeting with a banquet on John Ericsson Day, on March ninth, in Galesburg. In various states there are similar organizations. It is possible that this might be a warming strengthening tie of brotherhood through these organizations. We take the liberty of suggesting that this can be better brought about if the state societies - would send notices of the various yearly meetings and festivals throughout the organization. The members would in this way have the opportunity of cultivating friendships, which would not only be for the sake of recreation.

    Whenever it can be arranged that our countrymen in various states need support from one another it would be well to know where this can be found. We have yet a month until the Ericcson-banquet in Galesburg. So if the appointed committees for the societies in other states should consider sending representatives there they can, at all events count on a cordial welcome. On another page in this newspaper 2is another dealing with the Executive Committee which is meeting here to make arrangements for the yearly meeting. We need at this time only add that the friends in Galesburg have promised to do all in their power for their guests.

    I F 2, II B 1 c 3