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  • Svenska Tribunen -- October 22, 1891
    [Elect Nelson and Boldenweck!]

    Our countryman, Gustavus L. Nelson has been nominated Republican candidate for member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners for the elections to be held next month.

    To aid in the election of Mr. Nelson and William Boldenweck, who is the Republican nominee for the office of Sanitary Trustee of the Drainage District, a meeting was called last Friday evening by the Linnaeus Club. The meeting was well attended and offered many points of great interest; among other things a lecture and a demonstration of the new voting law. The lecturer was Hon. Samuel E. Erickson, member of the Illinois State Legislature.

    It was pointed out that there are more than 25,000 naturalized Swedish voters in Chicago. For this reason, with all other reasons discounted, the Swedish people of Chicago should have a right to demand representation in the County's affairs. The chairman of the Club, W.S. Hussander, appealed to those present to cast their votes for Nelson, who enjoys a fine reputation and who will be a credit to the Swedish people. He also spoke with great warmth for the candidacy of Boldenweck, who has proved his ability and worthiness while holding the position of chief official of the Town of Lake View, prior to its incorporation with the City of Chicago.



    In this connection we do well in mentioning that another countryman of ours is also running for office of Board member of Cook County Commissioners. His name is Peter W. Nilsson and he has been nominated by the Peoples Trade and Labor Party.

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