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  • Greek Star -- September 02, 1904
    The City Newspapers and the Greek Priest

    p. 2- A couple of Chicago newspapers have unwisely and unprofessionally reported the supposed utterances of the Greek priest at the meeting of Greek businessmen last Sunday in the Greek Orthodox Church.

    The pious and popular Father Georgeadis, at the meeting of businessmen, in which 2,000 participated, delivered a speech enjoining patience, tolerance, obedience to social and civil law, and above all immediate consideration for the families of the packing-house strikers. He suggested that a committee of prominent Greeks should be formed, headed by the Consul General, to visit these fellow-Greeks of ours who took jobs there as strike-breakers and to induce them, for the sake of the strikers' families, for the sake of the injured business of their fellow-Greeks, and for the sake of the Greek race to abandon their temporary jobs, adding that they would have the blessing of the Church.

    The newspapers printed among other things unbecoming to the dignity of the Church a statement that the Greek priest, the Reverend Father Georgeadis, 2had threatened the strike-breakers that if they did not abandon their jobs at once, he would bar them from communion....

    This statement is utterly untrue. When we interviewed our sister-publications and inquired about the source of their information, the answer was that some Greeks who were present at the meeting had told them what Father Georgeadis had said.

    Excellent journalism, eh? An admirable way to get news of a meeting! And an admirable thing to do, to drag the Church and its servants into disputes of this kind! I suggest for the dignity of the profession of journalism that professional methods of obtaining news be adopted.

    III C, I C, I D 2 a 4