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  • Saloniki-Greek Press -- June 30, 1923
    The Consecration of the Reverend Philaretos Ioannides as Greek Orthodox Bishop of Chicago

    On last Thursday, June 21, 1923, as previously announced, the Reverend Philaretos Ioannides as consecrated a bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church. The ceremony was performed in the magnificent Church of St. Constantine on the South Side and lasted from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. St. Constantine's is the church in which the two Bishops Alexopoulos and Ioannides were nominated by the diocesan assembly, and it had been properly decorated with flowers and flags, thanks to the distinguished, progressive, and active executive committee, which recognized the requirements imposed by so significant an affair as the consecration of a bishop.

    The ceremony of consecration was performed by Archbishop Alexandros of North and South America and Archbishop Theatyron, Metropolitan and Legate of North and Central Europe. The Reverend Father Germanos and various other clergymen, archimandrites and priests, assisted. Episcopal bishops


    in the vestments of their office and clergymen of other denominations were also in attendance.

    The church was crowded with spectators, among them many American of social or literary distinction. The consul general of Greece in Chicago, Mr. Matles, was also present, and several reporters represented the Chicago press.

    In the center of the church a large platform had been erected, on which stood the prelates and the archimardrites; their deacons and the other clergymen formed a double line from the platform to the entrance of the church. Archbishops, archimandrites, priests, and deacons. wore magnificent vestments, and their imposing appearance aroused the astonishment and the admiration of the Americans present. The newspaper reporters described the ceremony in colorful terms.


    The ceremony of the consecration of a bishop is truly magnificent, and the new Bishop of Chicago, the Right Reverend Philaretos Ioannides, is physically, mentally, and morally worthy to be intrusted with the many great responsibilities of this ecclesiastical office. The address which he delivered before prelates, priests, and congregation confirmed the good judgment of the electors who nominated him, of the Eumenical Patriarchate which selected him, and of the members of the flock who ardently hoped for his appointment.

    After the consecration Bishop Philaretes took the shepherd's crook from the hands of Archbishop Alexander and walked to the episcopal throne.

    After this Mr. Constantine Paleologos, on behalf of his countrymen who were in attendance and also of those who on account of remoteness or business engagements were unable to attend, addressed the Bishop and promised him their love and devotion, affirming that they would all be faithful and ready to make sacrifices for the principles of Orthodoxy and the interests and necessities of our nation. This speech was vigorously applauded. The newly-consecrated 4Greek Orthodox Bishop of Chicago answered Mr. Paleologos in modest but manly terms, as is proper for a prelate.

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