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  • Saloniki-Greek Press -- January 01, 1931
    The Student's Dance

    p. 1.- Thousands of Greeks were present at the Stevens Hotel. The young Greek Student's Brotherhood, Delta Epsilon Pi, of the University of Illinois, gave its second annual dance there last Sunday. At their dance this year, the Greek students showed once more a Greek-like gathering comparable to the previous one. The whole atmosphere indicated that the only hope we have of preserving our racial spirit in the United States is by following higher studies.

    One of the most important rules of that night among the students was that, in their speeches and conversation, no language was spoken but Greek. The students dance was entirely one bright showing of the younger generation. One thing worth mentioning is, that the fourteen Greek students of the University of Illinois formed an ideal group, a group with an objective.

    During their terms at the University, members of the group room and board together, think together, study together, work together, play and speak the language of their forefathers.


    Studying this systematic and mutual cooperation, one should conceive the importance of moral profit in throwing more young Greeks among the students. The fact along that young Greek students live and study under one roof is praiseworthy. Their ambition and intention is to erect their own building so the University's students of coming generations may be housed together.

    Judging them by the excellent behavior and tact which they performed their duties throughout last Sunday, the Greeks of Chicago should encourage and help them in every way to fulfill their ambitions.

    III B 2