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This article was published in 1931.
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This article has a primary subject code of "Activities of Nationalistic Societies" (III B 2).
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  • Saloniki-Greek Press -- January 01, 1931
    First Dance Given by the Greek-American Young Girls Chapter of "Kypseli" Order of Gapa (Greek American Progressive Association)

    p. 4.- The Greek-American young girls of the Chapter "Kypseli" Order of Gapa, are working with great zeal for the successful outcome of their first dance next Sunday, Jan. 18th, in the Cameo Room of the Morrison Hotel. The program will be rich. Among the special numbers will be Constant Nichols, star classical dancer in the immortal play, "Lyssistrata" of Aristophanes, now playing in Chicago.

    Mr. Nichols will dance before general dancing starts and show the audience his exceptional talent. We are sure everybody will have a good time supporting a worthy cause. I will meet you there.

    III B 2