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This article was published in 1927.
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  • Democrat -- [Unknown date]
    An Appeal from "The Soldier's Mother" to the Greeks of America

    Dear Countrymen:

    With the courage of a young immigrant I came to America. I have come to the most civilized country in the world from Greece, the country that first introduced civilization.

    I have come to find my countrymen, to interest them in the humane work which is being done for their brothers.

    On my long trip I met many people, some of them from Chicago, some from other parts of the United States. I must say, they did not discourage me. They led me to have hopes of much help from the various organizations. I could have pressed this privilege, but I decided to start my plea through the press. When the National Herald (New York newspaper) said to me, "We will help you heart and soul," I felt very much satisfied and very glad 2I had come. My thanks cannot be expressed by means of the pen. This cause is so close to my heart that I feel I must succeed. Now I will tell all eager listeners why I am here, and why, at my age, I have made this long trip.

    Since last August I have been building a sanitarium,at Korfoxilia, Arcadia. It is an ideal spot for recuperation. We have made three hundred cots of fir boughs. The building which will be completed in November, will cost 2,500,000 drachmas. I have already gathered from Greece and the Greek communities of Egypt about 3,500,000 drachmas. That means I have 1,000,000 drachmas left over. Luckily the Spetseropoulos Brotherhood of Tripoli which has donated 1,200,000 drachmas, will completely furnish the left wing.

    My trip to America deals with such things as heat, light, cooking, nurses, helpers, etc. I am not asking you for much and I am not naming any special sum. Give what you want to give and what you feel you can give.


    I am confident that the Greeks of America are kindhearted and generous. I know you will listen to my plea and help me, else I would not have come.

    All contributions should be sent to the Athenian Bank, 25 Pine Street, New York. From there, they will be sent directly to Greece and the sanitarium which I have named "H Manna."

    I am sure you all will be rewarded in the years to come because in helping this cause you are helping humanity.

    I thank you.

    Anna Papadopoulou

    New York, April, 1927.

    Members of the committee over here are: National Herald, Methodius Kourkoulis, Dr. Brown, L. Kalbokoresis, P. Koryllos, E. Kehagias, J. Plastropoulos, J. Anastasopoulos, M. Sebaslis, S. Kanoutas, A. Alexios, S. Sakkas, Libieratos, C. Makris, P. Depastas (consul), N. Papadopoulos and J. Xenides.

    II D 10, III H