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  • Saloniki-Greek Press -- January 01, 1931
    Triumphant Appearance of Miss Alice Diplarakou at the Trianon Dance Sponsored by the Ahepa (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) Great Enthusiasm Expressed by Thousands of Greeks Participating at the Trianon Dance Monday Evening

    p. 1.- The outcome of cooperation, the result of great planning, and efforts was the very successful dance given in behalf of the poor of Chicago, Monday, which was witnessed by the many thousands participating in the great dance sponsored by the Ahepa. It is a remarkable fact, that the Greeks of Chicago always participate in any praiseworthy event with enthusiasm.

    From a great success at the Aragon, to a greater success at the Trianon! The feeling of responsibility manifests the great vitality of the Greeks of Chicago. The right handling of our community affairs should produce remarkable results in the great Greek Chicago.


    Our community is extended enough to successfully present Monday afternoon's spectacle to which men, women, and children came by the thousands to support a noble and philanthropic cause. The people's behavior gave the impression that all were acquainted. The old timers were present and also a great number of the younger generation, who are growing more popular by more often attending social affairs.

    The Arrival of Miss Diplarakou

    About 2 P.M. everybody was dancing and anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Miss Europe." As the minutes passed the dancing space of the great hall was abandoned by dancers trying to find suitable place to get a good view of the gracious Grecian maiden. While this was going on great commotion and applause were heard.

    Escorted by the sponsors of the dance and young girls of Chicago dressed as Muses, the Grecian beauty was conducted to the platform amid unbounded joy and enthusiasm. "Miss Europe" was presented to the audience in a smart address made by the lawyer, G. Spanon, Governor of the Ahepa.


    As advertised, there followed a lecture by Miss Diplarakou with "The Delphian Festivals" as a theme. For more than thirty minutes, she kept the audience greatly interested. After the very educational lecture by "Miss Europe", a moving picture, taken last Spring in Greece and showing "The Delphian Festivals", was projected to the amazement of every one, due to the extent and educational value to every idealist and thinker from every part of the globe, who had attended the festivals in Greece, last Spring.

    At the termination of this classical reception and lecture by "Miss Europe," she thanked, in English, the sponsors of the dance and all present, for the wonderful reception.

    At this public appearance of "Miss Europe" many distinguished Americans were present. Among them was the Hon. John A. Swanson, State Attorney, who expressed his joy that Europe's most beautiful girl is in Chicago.

    Miss Diplarakou was escorted around the ballroom and balcony for people to see her better and admire her grace and beauty. While everybody was 4applauding, Miss Diplarakou left the Trianon, the people resumed the dance and talked about the exceptional success of the whole affair.

    The receipts were larger than expected and Chicago's Greek families in need will receive proper help and relief.

    II D 10, III B 2