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  • Greek Star -- January 28, 1904
    The Greek Newspaper, the Sta (Summary)

    p. 3- With great joy, the Greeks of Chicago and in near-by States will greet the Star, a weekly Greek newspaper of Chicago, which begins publication to-day, Jan. 28th, 1904.

    The aim of this publication is to promote in particular the best interests of the Chicago Greek community and in general the interests of Greeks in all places reached by it. The publishers of this weekly, which is independent, will with all their might try to maintain the paper as an impartial servant of the masses, unaffected by any outside influence, whether political, religious, or commercial, and they will strive to keep the Star's horizon absolutely cloudless.

    The publishers are Messrs. Panagiotis S. Lambros, Demetrius Manousopoulos, and Demetrios S. Eutaxias.


    The gentlemen named above are known among Greeks for their honesty, integrity, broad-mindedness, and sterling character; and they are resolved to do everything in their power to make the Chicago Greek community the Star of all communities, not only in America but in all the world.

    The Star, in New York, will be sold at 10 Madison Street, in Philadelphia at 725 Cherry Street, in Boston at 162 Richmond Street, and in St. Louis at 823 Walnut Street.

    II B 2 d 1, IV