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  • Greek Star -- January 29, 1904
    The Greek Star (Editorial)

    The Greeks of Chicago and the surrounding states will be happy to greet this first issue of The Greek Star. The purpose of this paper is to protect the fundamental human and civic rights of every individual in our Greek Community of Chicago as well as throughout the United States.

    The Greek Community of Chicago was one of the first Greek communities in America. It has been the first to champion every patriotic cause. But, it should not make any boasts because of this. On the contrary, it should endeavor, together with the Greek communities in every state, to become the proud and worthy apostle of our fatherland, Greece, among the Greeks of the United States. The Greek Community of Chicago must endeavor to develop and mold the mind and character of the younger Greek generation in America in accordance with our Greek ideals and standards. It must revive our national 2hope and quicken the hearts of all the Greek people, for, as time passes, they are inclined to forget their fatherland and all that it stands for.

    In order to accomplish all these high objectives, there is need, not only for clubs and organizations with their attendant resolutions and programs, but also a proper news organ is desirable, which will become the teacher and guardian of our Community's interests. In other words, there is a pressing need in Chicago for a newspaper which must be independent, dignified, national in scope, and imbued with highest ideals and sound policies. It must be able to assist the Community in its work and with its problems. In return, our Greek people must appreciate and respect this organ for its work and significance.

    By aligning itself with the Community, our newspaper will pursue and seek the best and highest objectives and ideals. It will endeavor to do everything that the great heritage and culture of our fathers and ancestors impose upon us. It will not spare any time or effort to exert all its powers to work 3willingly and impartially to prevent and correct every evil and every harmful thought or action. This newspaper will be merciless in its criticism and condemnation of anyone who would try or think of disturbing the peace and harmony within our community.

    We, the editors and publishers of The Greek Star, are independent in our policy and convictions. We will not be influenced by any group or vested interest. We shall endeavor to show the public that in its entire course and career The Greek Star will not be shadowed and obscured by anyone or anything.

    For these very reasons it solicits the moral and financial support of our fellow countrymen in this great American metropolis.

    Henceforth, this newspaper will guard and defend the vital interests of all of our people who are living and earning a livelihood within the framework of a great, rich, hospitable, and friendly country; such is the United States of America.


    We owe it to ourselves; we owe it to Greece; we owe it to our adopted country, these United States of America, to do our very best in obeying and upholding the principles of democracy, justice, truth, law, and order.

    As a supplement to this, our first editorial, we wish to inform our readers that Messrs. Peter S. Lambros, James Manousopoulos, and James S. Eutaxias are the directors, owners, and editors of The Greek Star.

    II B 2 d 1, III A, IV