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  • Saloniki-Greek Press -- January 03, 1925
    Chicago Greek Professionals Fete New Yorkers.

    Last Sunday evening at the La Salle Hotel forty Chicago Greek professionals feted two Greek colleagues from New York, Mr. P. Koryllos and Mr. Geo. Karanicholas, eminent intellectuals.

    The two New Yorkers spoke enthusiastically of this New York Greek Professional Club, and were amazed that the Chicago Greek professionals are not as yet organized. The Chicagoans without much ado acknowledged their negligence and at once chose an organization committee to prepare plans for a Greek professional club in Chicago.

    Invitations were sent to those who did not attend the banquet, to attend the next meeting so the whole group can pass upon the proposed idea of organization.

    Mr. Haloulos, the youngest of the Chicago professionals, acted as master of ceremonies, and despite his youth and inexperience, conducted the affair excellently.

    II A 1, III B 2