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  • Saloniki-Greek Press -- December 18, 1915
    Child Labor--Shoe-Shine Boys

    The Chicago newspapers have printed a letter signed by two Chicago Greeks, George Prasinos and Christ Louvis, in which they publicly denounce the exploiters of children--especially young boys; and they appeal, in the name of humanity and philanthropy, for the abolition of such terrible and barbarous practices.

    It is our duty to give serious attention to this accusation made by two fine Greek men. We gladly offer our services and the services of our newspaper in this fight to abolish, forever, such a stigma from the life of our social order.

    We will appreciate your letters expressing your opinions on this pitiful subject. If anyone has valid information on these conditions, which are familiar to most of us, please send it to us.


    The letter, written to the Chicago Examiner, is printed below:

    [Translator's note: The letter is omitted since it can be found in the American papers.]

    Saloniki invites Mr. Prasinos and Mr. Louvis to come to the newspaper's office and help us plan a campaign against the exploiting bosses operating shoe-shine and hat-cleaning establishments.

    Not only do we ask for the co-operation of the above gentlemen; but we also want to hear from any child who is being treated unfairly, or forced to work against his will.

    We promise to help as much as possible in this matter; and we will try to see that justice reigns supreme.

    I H