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This article was published in 1931.
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  • Saloniki-Greek Press -- January 01, 1931
    A Very Important Message for the Restaurateur of Chicago By George Palmer Patris, President-Illinois Federation of Restaurant Owners.

    p. 6.- Every restaurant owner no doubt is aware that there has been passed by our City Council a Restaurant License. This license covers the following lines: Restaurant, Drug Stores, Confectioneries and any other places that serve food to the public. This license specifies that all who serve food must meet these requirements: sanitation, ventilation, hot water of 170 degrees or chlorine must be used. This does not only mean that the restaurant must meet these requirements, but, everybody serving food to the public must meet them in order to receive a license, otherwise, they will not be allowed to serve food.

    The Illinois Federation of Restaurant Owners is taking steps to protect every restaurant owner, by giving special attention to drug stores, confectionery stores and others, that they get their license and meet all requirements before a license is issued to them.


    To do this we ask the co-operation of every member to report to us any food establishment in their immediate neighborhood, that has not met the proper requirements before it has secured its license. Any names thus secured will be reported to the Health Department with a request to have a special inspection made.

    The office of the Illinois Federation of Restaurant Owners is open to any restaurant owner for complaints which will be held in confidence. There is no better way of reaching the man who serves food and who does not abide by the laws, than for every restaurant owner to co-operate with us and report the slacker.

    Our aim is for better restaurants, better management and, by all means, better co-operation and better feeling and this means greater success.

    Illinois Federation of Restaurant Owners.

    I D 1 b