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  • Chicago Tribune -- April 14, 1879
    Szegedin Relief Fund

    The Deak Society into whose hands was placed the collections for the suffering people of Szegedin, Hungary, met yesterday afternoon at the Relief Society Building, No. 51 and 53 La Salle Street.

    The President, Mr. F. Kiss, presided, and in opening the meeting stated that out of the funds collected for the Szegedin sufferers, $3,360 had been invested in a draft for 8,000 florins payable to Mr. Kalman Tissa, the President of the Hungarian Ministry, and that the draft was sent to its destination. There still remained in the hands of the Society $46 applicable to the charity.

    Since it was understood that no further collections would be made, several of the 2gentlemen who had lent their time and energies to the worthy cause presented their books and accounts, showing the names of contributors and the amounts given, and asked that they be examined and reported upon by a committee appointed for the purpose.

    Mr. J. Kune offered a resolution thanking the President and the Directors of the Board of Trade for courtesies extended and facilities granted for carrying on the work.

    The resolution was adopted.

    III H, II D 10