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  • Magyar Tribune -- January 03, 1930
    Welcome Karolyi (Edited by Dr. Erno Lowinger)

    [Translator's note: This article appears in English in the Magyar Tribune.]

    As the boat is approaching the shores of U. S. A. which brings the distinguished Hungarian visitor, Count Michael Karolyi, the exiled and former President of the Hungarian Republic, the publicity-seekers, the super-patriots are very busy trying once more to exclude him from the United States.

    The National Patriotic League and the Woman's Patriot Publishing Company are protesting to the Immigration authorities to keep Karolyi out, as a dangerous alien.

    Our State Department, according to their official announcement on October 28, 1929, has granted him a Visa, permitting him to visit our country, thereby 2upsetting the previous ruling of Secretaries of State Hughes and Kellogg.

    We all may be assured of one fact, that Secretary of State Stimson has not acted in a hasty or superficial manner, when he changed the rulings of his two excellent predecessors, who are both followers of the same political school as he is.

    [So]that we may understand how this reversal of the previous decision came about,[it should be mentioned that]after a thorough investigation and[after] establishing the facts of Karolyi's political activities, the malicious and false information of his political opponents were eliminated.

    If Hungarians in this country try to exclude him, we can easily account for it!

    There are a few Hungarians who are misled by vicious propaganda and have absorbed it and worry about the arrival and admission of Karolyi.


    It is true, he might say a few things about the antiquated feudal regime which has been ruling Hungary in the last ten years.

    It is true, he might give us an insight into the workings of the machinery by which the Princes, Counts and nobility of Hungary are keeping the upper hand over the Misera Plebs--workers and producers of the Hungarian nation.

    Well, what of it? Whom will that hurt?

    Out country can only benefit by this informative lecture course that Karolyi is undertaking. No one is compelled to attend and anyone who wants to attend should attend this in the same spirit as he goes to political meetings during the campaigns.

    If he is pleased, he applauds, if he is not, he listens and thinks his own way.

    We have read the interview with Karolyi by one of the ablest and most reliable 4American journalists in Paris--Mr. Arno Dosch-Fleurot of the New York World Staff. Among other things Karolyi said this:

    "I am going to lecture in English but will speak also in Hungarian to any group of Hungarians which wishes to hear me, regardless of the political opinion of its members, but I shall have nothing to say which will have any political bearing in America."

    This statement ought to be sufficient for our worried super-patriots that the fundamental structure of our beloved country will not be shaken through the lectures of Count Karolyi.

    To be frank, we consider it as a sign of intellectual weakness when our genuine American citizens protest against a lecturer of Karolyi's type.

    We think it will be a rare and piquant treat to listen to his lectures, unveiling 5the curtain about some of the secrets of Europe that we may know some of his interpretations of European political trends.

    We think it will be interesting to get his slant!

    As far as we know Karolyi's political career--and we know it is well as anyone--he is a victim of his own altruistic ideals and democratic principles. He is immaculately pure in character and honest to the core and this is more than we can say of the average statesman or politician. For these reasons alone, he deserves our attention and welcome.

    We Americans of Hungarian extraction congratulate the Washington Administration for granting him a visitor's Visa and extend to Count Michael Karolyi a hearty welcome!

    III H, III G