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  • Magyar Tribune -- March 14, 1919
    The Chicago-Hungarian Reformed Sick Benefit Society's Invitation

    Hungarian Brothers:

    Since 1848, wherever there are Hungarian people, March 15 has been celebrated every year as a day when Hungary first took arms to win independence.

    There has never been a time more appropriate than the present to show our true feeling toward the nation from which we came. It is with great joy and appreciation that we thank God for the fulfillment of Louis Kossuth's dream through our many sacrifices to gain 2Hungary's independence.

    We take the opportunity at this time to ask the different Hungarian societies,as well as all Hungarians, to come and celebrate with us. We have done everything in our power to make this celebration outstanding, now that Hungary is independent, and March 15 is a real holiday.

    For this occasion, we have been fortunate to secure the best Hungarian, as well as American, speakers, who, with all their hearts and oratorical ability, will try to make this a memorable occasion.

    It will be more elaborate, more memorable when we unfurl the first flag 3that has been accepted by the Hungarian Peoples' government. This is the flag that has been officially accepted by the Hungarian government.

    This flag has been donated to this society by Mr. and Mrs. Demeter Davaban, who are loyal members of this society.

    We ask every Hungarian to be present when we show this flag of Independent Hungary for the first time in this country.

    The celebration will begin at 1 P.M. Sunday afternoon, March 16. A parade will start at 641 East 93 Street. At this point, the different Hungarian societies will meet with their American flags.


    From here also they will march to the Hungarian Reformed Church of Burnside. The parade will be escorted by a Hungarian band. After due church ceremonies in church, the parade will continue to the Pythian Temple at 9235 Cottage Grove, where a very interesting extraordinary program has been arranged. After the program, there will be dancing for the younger people.

    If there are any friends who would like to have their names remembered in connection with the raising of this flag, we are going to sell gold nails on which their names may be inscribed. This is a fine way in which to show one's loyalty to this first flag of independent Hungary.

    With renewed effort, we ask all Hungarians to take part in this worthy 5celebration. With your cooperation, we can make this event an outstanding event in the history of the Chicago-Hungarians.

    I remain yours with brotherly love,

    Colman Balogh, president,

    724 East 92 Street,

    Chicago, Illinois

    III B 3 a, II D 1, III B 2, III C, III H, IV