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  • Magyar Tribune -- January 02, 1920
    Theatrical Activities in Chicago

    The Chicago Hungarians are to be honored with the presence of a famous Hungarian theatrical group. This group is under the direction of Bela Szinde, a well known character to Chicago Hungarians. Mr. Szinde has worked hard to organize this group of actors. His work has met with much opposition; in particular, he was opposed by Alex Palasthy, who has done everything in his power to keep him from attaining his goal. Bela Szinde has encountered such opposition before, but every time he fought with renewed energy and won even greater victories.

    There have been many occasions on which we have criticized his work in regards to cultural development, but there is one thing we must admit. He has been a tireless worker in the cultural 2field. Next Sunday, January 11, this theatrical group will present two dramatic plays, "The Proletarian" and "The Queen of the Dollar." We hope that the Chicago-Hungarians will appreciate these performances. This is the only way we can show our appreciation to such a worthy cause and a great leader.

    An advertisment elsewhere in this issue gives in detail the high lights of the Plays, also the unusual interest already in evidence. We advise all desiring to see the Plays to purchase their tickets early to avoid being disappointed as has been the case in many instances before. It is very likely that the entire house will be sold out.

    II B 1 c 1