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  • Chicago American -- January 31, 1938
    Netherlands Hail Juliana's Daughter

    Princess Juliana of the Netherlands today gave her little land of tulips, thrift, and windmills a girl princess who may be its third consecutive woman ruler.

    The whole nation joined in rejoicing before the last echoes of the royal salute announced that the long wait at the little white Soestdyk Palace was ended with the birth of a girl.

    The Hague issued a proclamation printed in orange and blue, the royal colors. It said: "Fellow citizens, it is with great joy we proclaim, that to-day, January 31, 1938, through the grace of God, is born the Princess of Oranje-Nassau, Princess of Lippe Biesterfeld. The heart's desire of all the people of the Netherlands has come to a realization. "Long live the royal family".

    Both mother and baby were reported doing well.


    Among the first messages of congratulations for the Princess Juliana and her husband Prince Bernhard, was that from King George and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britian.

    A salute of fifty-one guns instead of the one hundred and one scheduled in the event of a boy, was fired at Amsterdam, the Hague, Arnhem, Bredd and Amersfoort garrisons.

    The Netherland populace had hoped for a male heir. Unless Juliana has a son, the new princess may one day become Queen, succeeding her grandmother Queen Wilhelmina and her mother.

    Before midnight Dr. C. L. De Jongh, court physician, was joined by Dr. Jan de Groot, gynecologist, at the palace. Throughout the night great crowds thronged the gateways of the Soestdyk country home, where lights blazed intermittingly in various rooms. Gunners and broadcasters stood by to make the announcement.


    When the news was flashed from the palace at 3:40 A.M. Chicago time, the populace started a joyous celebration. Church bells pealed, newspapers rushed extras to the streets.

    By royal decree of 1908, Juliana's baby is entitled from birth to be princess of the Netherlands, princess of Oranje-Nassau and duchess of Mecklenburg. From her father she inherits the family title of Princess of Lippe-Biesterfeld.

    Especially happy were the souvenir spoon and mug manufacturers who had engraved their wares "January, 1938", and who were concerned as February approached.

    It was officially announced at noon that the condition of Juliana's daughter was good.

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