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  • Onze Toekomst -- September 10, 1909
    Dr. Cornelia De Bey Reveals Her Views about the Influence of Women

    Dr. Cornelia De Bey, who is spending some time with Dr. Frances Potter of Minneapolis, has revealed her views concerning the influence of women and inventions upon our national life to the correspondent of a Minneapolis newspaper, from which we extract the following:

    "A State's university is only a public school," said Dr. De Bey. "There fore, a State's university in its administration and method of learning must emphasize that which is of value to the times in which we live. One of these items is the influence of women. The best intructress is better than the best instructor and the worst instructress is much better than the worst instructor. The world must be made milder and purer and must receive a clearer insight. That is the reason why I am in favor of music in the public schools--but only the proper music.

    "Music is being killed by the vaudeville, the phonograph and the automatic 2piano. These things have a value, but they lower the public taste. We are living in a threatening time. Even the money system of the world is only a play. In a short time, you will discover that wars have their beginning in the banks. Let the money powers be shaken and a revolution will follow. The people will not tolerate the irregularity of clearing house certificates and false value standards. I am for genuine democracy! Woman's hope is in the public school--and the child and the student of a State's university must, in the first place, view such institutions as their own; secondly, they must invest in it (sic.) as much as possible and thirdly they should get out of it as much as can be gotten."

    Dr. De Bey and Dr. Potter, are writing jointly an important book on State government.

    I K, I A 1 a, I E, I F 3, IV