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  • [Interview] -- November 27, 1936
    Interview, with Mrs. Hilda Holmes [Biography of Max Henius]

    Max Henius, chemist, was born June 16, 1859, in Aalborg, Denmark. His parents were Isadore and Emilie (Wasserzug) Henius. He attended Aalborg Latin School, and was then a student in chemistry for three years at Polytechnic University, Hanover, Germany. In 1881 he was graduated from the University of Marburg, Germany, with the Ph. D. degree. In this same year he came to America.

    In 1886 Dr. Henius joined with Dr. Robert Wahl in forming the firm of Wahl & Henius, analytical and consulting chemists, in Chicago. From this evolved the Wahl-Henius Institute of Fermentology, incorporated in 1903, which, in 1917, 2became the Wahl-Henius Institute. In connection with the Institute, which is mainly devoted to the fermentation industries, the American Brewing Academy was opened in 1891.

    Dr. Henius was director and secretary of these institutions and, in 1918, became president of the Wahl-Henius Institute. He is joint author of Wahl-Henius Handy Book of the Brewing, Malting, and Auxiliary Trades (1901; second edition, 1902; third edition, 1908; reprinted 1926). He invented various pieces of brewery apparatus and equipment, and his Art of Brewing was covered by a U.S. patent of the date 1909.

    Dr. Henius always supported the complete Americanization of immigrants to this country. He served as director, vice-president, and president of the Chicago 3Public Library; as president of the Jacob A. Riis League of Patriotic Service; and as a member of the National Chemists' Defense Council. He served as a judge at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. He was a delegate to the First International Brewers' Congress in Brussels in 1910; director-general of the American Exposition of Brewing Machinery, Materials, and Products, in Chicago, in 1911; and secretary-general of the Second International Brewers' Congress, held in connection with the International Barley and Hops Prize Exhibition in Chicago in 1911. He was chairman of the committee for the Independence Day celebration in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1909.

    Dr. Henius was one of the founders of the Rebild National Park in Denmark, donated to Denmark by American citizens of Danish descent. This park was established for the sole purpose of celebrating the American Independence Day--the Fourth of July--in Denmark. This has been done every year since 1912.


    Dr. Henius founded the Dan-American Archives in Aalborg, Denmark, in 1930, establishing an American reference library there. He was decorated with the Order of Dannebrog, and was made Commander of the Second and the First Degree of this same order. In 1925 he received the gold medal of merit of Denmark.

    Dr. Henius was an advocate of temperance, and wrote several pamphlets on this subject in the years 1931, 1932, 1933, and 1934. Among these are Modern Liquor Legislation in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, The Error in the National Prohibition Act, The Policy to Pursue in Amending the Volstead Act, Stepping stones from Prohibition, and Temperance and Revenue through Four Percent Beer.

    Dr. Henius was a fellow of the Chemical Society, London, and a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Chemical Society, the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Geographic Society, the 5American Geographical Society, the National Economic League, the American-Scandinavian Foundation, the Institute of Brewing, London, the Society of Chemical Industry, London, and the Press and Library clubs of Chicago. He was an honorary member of the Master Brewers' Association of America, the Danish Master Brewers' Association, Dania, the Harmonien Singing Society, and Kronborg Lodge No. 298 of the Danish Brotherhood.

    Dr. Henius was married in Chicago June 4, 1883, to Johanne Louise Heiberg of Aalborg, Denmark. They had three children, Henry, Emil, and Gerda.

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