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  • Revyen -- January 02, 1909
    [Inadequate Postal Service] (Editorial)

    p.2.col.1...........The Christmas postal service in Chicago was the poorest in many years. Many complain that holiday mail (1st class) from Denmark that had been posted in time for delivery by Christmas eve was received on Saturday and Monday. In many instances letters stamped with the same mailing date were received several days apart. They had evidently remained from two to three days in the Chicago Post Office.

    The fault does not lie with the carriers; they were loaded down as never before, some having even used wheelbarrows. Nor can the blame be placed on the clerks; they were as usual - systematically over-worked.

    The fact,however, that hundreds of men, who have passed examinations as clerks and carriers, were not called in for emergency, places the blame upon the postal authorities, local and national.


    The shortage of clerks and carriers may be due to necessary economy by local authorities, although it savors strongly of economical orders from higher up giving greater opportunities to the railroads and other grafting parasites surrounding the department.

    I E, I F 6, III H