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  • Revyen -- January 02, 1909
    [A Plutocratic New Year] (Editorial)

    p.2.col.1..........We pass out of the old year and into the new more definitely under the regime of plutocracy than ever before. The capitalistic organizations, dominated by only a few men, control the entire economic structure of the country. Their position enables them to dictate the present high prices on all necessities in spite of the wide-spread unemployment and the downward trend of wages.

    The Socialist movement is entering the new-year with greater determination to fight conditions that have no right to exist in a country like this,the U.S.A. The principles of Socialism are becoming more and more the standard of justice to the oppressed worker throughout the country.

    Locally, for instance, the "Chicago Daily Socialist" is the only publication favoring the teachers and parents cause in their struggle against a "School Board" dominated by the capitalistic element.


    The Chicago Daily Socialist is also responsible for the present federal investigation of conditions at the Argo, Illinois plant of the Corn Products Refining Co. Employees at this plant were literally locked in, under conditions bordering on actual slavery. The treatment of workers in this institution has helped awaken the public to the deplorable conditions under which many labor, to eke out a meager existense , and it is hoped that investigation will be a means of greatly bettering the lot of the workingman in and around Chicago.

    There is only one way to properly judge a case and that is by hearing both sides. We suggest this sensible New-Years resolution: "If your view has been dominated by the capitalistic press, read the Chicago Daily Socialist and make an unprejudiced comparison. Such comparison will make you to better understand conditions and to judge impartialy."

    I E, I D 2 c, I F 6