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  • Novi Svijet -- January 02, 1930
    Christmas Party in Orphanage.

    The program was given on December 22, 1929, by boys and girls who have found shelter in the Croatian Childrens Home, DesPlaines, Illinois.

    In spite of the bad weather and blanket of heavy, thick snow that made roads almost impassable with abstructions, many had the courage to brave nature and make their way to Des Plaines, to visit the little ones whom a cruel fate had separated from their parents, and who depended upon the understanding of National Croatian Union members. (H. B. Z.) And on this understanding depends whether the children will, some day, become men and women, healthy physically, and spiritually, who can report with honor to the members of the H.B.Z. or National Croatian Union. On account of lack of space in the paper we regret that we cannot give the program in detail. But we will touch on some high spots.

    The program was opened by Mr.Kutuzovic, Supt. of the Home who congratulated the public for their interest and thanked the Board of Trustees for arranging presents for the children so that they would not feel forgotten.

    The program, of twenty-four parts, was listened to with quiet and sympathetic 2understanding, and on the faces of listeners one could see an unusual appreciation "Mother", recited by J. Cindric, touched us. It begins with these words:

    "I don't know what is Mother dear,

    Nor what is flame of Mothers heart,

    I don't know all she was to me,

    But that she was I can dimly see."

    Following this, "Be Yourself" was recited by Helen Kutuzovic. The school orchestra composed of twenty-six little musicians surprised us with a few nicely played marches which they had learned in last few weeks. That proves Mr. H.C.McNeal, as a good high school principal.

    The honor goes to the Central Executive Board of H.B.Z. for making it possible to teach the music in school.

    Mr. McNeal, in his speech given in English, thanked the audience for their interest in the welfare of the children. He mentioned that the executive board could not find a better pair to manage the Institution than Mr. and Mrs.Kutuzovic.

    It would be a good idea for the children to present the same program once in Chicago so that others may see what they know. Also, on that occasion, we could realize enough profit to buy Christmas presents, next year, for every child and eliminate the worries of the executive board in that respect.

    II D 4