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  • Chicago Tribune -- August 13, 1891
    Chinese May Visit the Fair

    What bearing the laws of the United States affecting Chinese immigrants will have upon citizens of China arriving in this country to visit the Chicago Exposition has been under consideration at the Treasury Department for several days. Acting Secretary Nettleton to-day addressed a communication on the subject to Vice-President Bryan, in which he stated the purpose of Congress in enacting laws prohibiting the immigration of Chinese laborers. This is well understood. It is difficult to see in what manner that purpose would be to any extent defeated or hindered by permitting Chinese citizens under proper regulations to visit the United States in 1893 for the purpose of taking part in the Columbian Exposition, in which the Chinese Government has been formerly asked by the Government of the United States to participate. If it shall prove that any difficulty or uncertainty would affect the intrusion or application of the law in this case, Congress will meanwhile be given an opportunity to take the question into consideration.

    III G, II B 1 c 3