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  • Chicago Tribune -- August 16, 1891
    From the Chinese Colony

    Chicagos Mongolians were in a state of great excitement yesterday. Hip Long, Sam Moy, and Chow Tal, the big three of the local Chinese colony, issued a proclamation to the effect that Lem, alias Harry Ant, a laundryman at Madison and Peoria Streets. has to be avoided by all good and true Chinamen until further notice. It is claimed that Lem furnished false information to Special Treasury Agent I. F. Scanlon which led to the arrest of seven Chicago Chinamen, who were returning from a visit to the fatherland.

    The seven had their papers, but the informant of Mr. Scanlon said they were not made out to the men who carried them. The unfortunate seven were held at Gretna Man, until yesterday, when it was ascertained the information against them was false. The triumvirate claim to have abundant proof that Lem Ant was the cause of all the trouble. "We will see him again" said Sam Moy last evening, and give him another chance to clear himself. If he fails to do so we will have nothing more to do with him.


    We have sent word to all the Chinese in Chicago of what he has done. If he does not clear his skirts his fellow countrymen do not want to have anything whatever to do with him. We believe he did it hoping to get a reward from the government.

    Lem Ant is also accused of abandoning the worship of Tass for the Christian religion and conducting a Chinese Sunday-school in his laundry for some time.

    III G