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  • Chicago Tribune -- June 17, 1878
    The Chinese A Sunday-School for Their Benefit

    Whether it be that the Christian people of Chicago have become so accustomed to the sight of the Heathen Chinee that the almond-eyed Celestial has escaped being an object of interest to them, or because those same people have never regarded the Chinese as an object fit for anything beyond washing clothes, is the reason for no effort having been made by Chicago philanthropists to spread the Gospel among the shaven-headed, is something beyond the knowledge of the writer of this item. Perhaps some effort has been made in a small way. Certainly none has been made in a way to attract so much public attention as will be attracted by the plan of work lately begun by Mr. David Jones, a missionary who has for the past two years labored among the Chinese at Evanston.

    Not that Mr. Jones has commenced in a manner that would bring himself and his work conspicuously into notice. He began very humbly by getting the use of a third story room in the Farwell Hall building and calling to his aid a number of ladies and gentlemen he started what is known as the "Chinese Mission."

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