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  • Chicago Tribune -- February 17, 1881
    Chinese Club

    Wong Ching Foo called on the Mayor yesterday and tried to induce him to order the police to let No. 103 West Madison Street alone. There is a grocery at this place, the rear part being a gambling-saloon, where the Celestials play "pokee" and smoke opium. Foo told his Honor that the Chinamen met there, not to play cards to win money, but to hear the news and amuse themselves. It was sort of club, and while there was some gambling, the sums staked were very small, and the winnings were spent in the grocery for confectionary. Some of the habitues smoked opium, and it was a shame and dangerous to them to take their pipes away, as the police had done when they made the raid Tuesday night.

    The Mayor did not promise for anything. He, however, instructed Superintendent McGarigle to investigate the matter. So it is likely that the Chinaman's Club will not be interfered with herafater.

    I H, I C